Thursday, July 24, 2008

Lots of News in the Team Roping World

Lots of news in the team roping world. The week of Casper, Sheridan, Colorado Springs, and Vernal was a week of tough go rounds and easy averages. Sheridan was the only average that stayed tough. We were 4.9, won 4th in the first round. 4.7 in the 2nd round, won second in the second round and ended up splitting 2nd and 3rd in the average.

Travis Woodard was 5.0 then 4.6 to win the average. 10.5 won 8th in the ave. Both rounds at Colorado Springs were won with a 4.2 Derrick Begay 1st round Travis Tryan 2nd round. Garrett Tonozzi won the average - 11.1 - only 4 teams caught smooth on two. Same scenario in Casper. We won 4th in the first round then I missed the second steer to win the average. Had to be 4 to place in both rounds, average fell apart. Turtle Powell won the average at Vernal 4.9 4.5 placing in both rounds. Coopers won 2nd. Jodi Pinkerd won 3rd. We were plus 5 on the first steer, then 5.5 and won 5th in the 2nd go.

Nampa started on the 14th, only 11 teams caught two to make the short round. We were 5.1 to win 3rd in the first round. Came back Saturday afternoon in the 2nd round, only 7 teams had caught two. All we had to do was catch to make it back. We were 5.4 coming back high team.

After the first round at Nampa we drove to Salt Lake City for slack on Tuesday. No time on the first steer for us. Derrick Begay won the first round 4.6 Jojo Lemond won 2nd 4.8. Drove to Cheyenne for slack on Wednesday. 9.5 with a hickey on horn so no time. Logan Olsen won the round with a 7.3 6,200.00 hit. Derrick Begay won 2nd with a 7.6. Big checks for both teams.

Short go for Cheyenne on the 27th. We turned the 2nd one out at Cheyenne to go to Salinas. Jojo and Matin won the average. Cody McMin and Travis Woodard won 2nd. Missed every one at Salinas. Wished I would have stayed in Cheyenne. Sorry Randon

Flew from Salinas to Nampa to rope in the 2nd and short rounds. Speed and Al won Nampa - the only team to catch all doubles. We were 2nd with a leg in the short round. A barrier won 4th.

Some poor roping lately has lead to some good teams splitting up. Here is the latest that I know about - Clay and Walt - done. Walt is going home. Dave Key and Kory Koontz - done. Clay Tryan and Kory Koontz together. Jake Stanley and Marty Becker - done. David Key and Marty Becker. Travis Tryan Micheal Jones winning the world - done. Walt Woodard never made it home. Travis Tryan and Walt together.

We will see how it goes and keep you posted. Be sure to check out for the latest in team roping. Have questions about life on the road? You can email me at

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Team Ropers' Mom said...

Wow! Matt, just located your blog. Really enjoyed reading all the activity. Y'all must be worn completely out!! When do you sleep? Thanks for all of your info but also thanks for the list of all who place. That's very fair of you the give everyone's winnings. Would love to hear some about your family and what they do, how they handle your being gone all the time in the summer. Will continue to read more as it's written. Team Ropers' Mom