Monday, August 18, 2008

New Teams Shaping Up

Ok here we go… first round at Caldwell is over with all the new partnerships taken off! First we need to catch up a little from last week. Lovington, New Mexicio - great rodeo! Back-to-back where you run both steers the same day. Three of the first four holes were won in the first set - just to show that all sets are fair. Turtle Powell placed in both rounds and won the average. We went in the last set were 7 1 on the first one and 5 0. Won the second round and fifth in average. Derrick won second, Luke Brown third, Jody Pinkert fourth. Hermiston was won by Speed and Al. Joel Bach won second, we placed in the first round and last in the average with one foot in the second go. Turtle Powell also won a big one-header in Missoula, Montana, 2,800 was a 4.5. Justin Yosy and Jory Levy were 4.4 in the second go at Hermiston - arena record. Colter and Cesar were 3.8 at Lawton, Oklahoma - arena record there. Ty Blaster and Cody Hintz placed in both rounds and won the average. Ty is 16th and has a good chance at the finals with a good finish. Caldwell first round was in slack yesterday - now we all come back in the perfs the next four days. First place was a tie between Derrick Flemming and Cody Cowden with Jake and Jim Cooper, third was split with Jake Stanley and Jade Corkhill roping together at the tours with Spencer Mitchell and Joseph Shawnego. First was 5.2, third was 5.3.

New teams at the tours: Clay and Kory Koontz were 5.8 - good run. Travis and Walt were 4.7 with one foot. Dave Key and Marty Becker waved off head loop. Chad and Mike Jones 5 something - smooth. Good Run. Colter no good. Kevin Daniels no good, Derrick Begay no good, Logan Olson no good, Speed 5.9 runner, Garrett Tonozzi 6 something – smooth. Nick and Wren - no good. Trevor B 6 something. Me and Randon 6.8 - bad run missed the barrier - a little steer tried. Need to make a good run and we might be ok. Minors - no good. Lot of guys need to get points here to get on to the next tours or chances start to get slimmer. Rodeo count starting to wind down so everything else is heating up.

FYI - last guy out in the calf roping, Seth Hopper 8.5, wo the round. Micheal Atero was second 9.0. Cody Ohl did not make the tours.

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