Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Keeping Pace

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Caldwell Tour second round - Chance Kelton and Boogie split first with Logan Olson and broc. Travis Tryan won third which also put them in the top 8 for a chance at more your points. Trevor B won fourth and also split third in the average with Derrick Flemming and Cody Cowden. Speed and Al split first with Spencer Mitchell and Jo Shanego. Too 8 was split by Speed and Travis Tryan. Jake Stanley and Jade Corkill. Then Spencer and Jo were third and fourth. Top four went Jake Stanley first. Speed second they had one foot for second Travis had a barrier.

I went home for a week from there then had to fly to Washington for two rodeos. Kenawick was back to back we had them both on Friday. We won sixth there. Trevor and Patrick had a great week. Placed in both rounds and won the average. Brandon Beers won second with Jade. Kevin and Cory did good. Clay Tryan and Kory. Fifth with one foot on the second one. Then to Bremerton - David Key did great in both rounds and won the average with Marty Becker. Trevor and Patrick were second, Clay and Kory placed.

Then we were in San Juan on Sunday for the second performance. Trevor was winning with a 4 5, we went 4 8, Clay and Kory were 4 9 - split third with Colter and Cesar. Mike Beers and Shane Sproul 5 0 Travis and Walt 5 2 three 5 7s and a 5 8 - so pretty tough in California.

Pueblo, Colorado was Monday - Speed and Al split it with Justin Young. Legs won the last three four holes. We were fourth in the first go. Bad handle on the second one. Half of the guys there were borrowing horses, most of the winners had their own there.

Tuesday was Walla Walla, Washington, which is three head. Two on Tuesday. Dave Key won the first round is in lead in average. Speed placed in both in second, Chad Masters split first round - had one foot on second one. Jake and Clay third on first one - sitting good. We were 4 8 split fourth. Tough go round. I had a hickey on the second one. No time.

Then to Ellensburg. Matt Funk first 4 8. BJ Campbell second 5 1. We were third 5 2. Chad Masters fourth 5 6 Derrick Begay fifth 5 7. Joe Bartlett and Andy Carlson 5 9 Chance Kelton 6 2 Colter Todd 6 5.

Top 36 start in the perfs. Today. Clay Tryan smooth. Face key long Jake and Clay no time. Trav and Walt 9 8. 20 smooth runs in first go. All no times started second go yesterday. Jake and Clay 5 1. Logan Olsan. 5 4. Trevor made a big move. Walt. Clay and Kory. Dave and Marty. All doing good.

Ellensburg, Wa. Chad masters and Mike Jones dominated all the way through. Winning the second and third rounds and the average. Matt Funk won second. Tittles did good. As well as the Turtle Powell. And bBJ cambell and Russell Cordoza. Speed and Al won Walla Walla. Jake and Clay also did good there giving them important money. Second tour rodeo starts Friday. Hope we all can do good there.

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