Saturday, September 13, 2008

Pendleton in is the books

Pendleton is in the books. Short go was today. Beers and Corkill won the first go, fifth in second go. High team. Charley Crawford placed both goes second call. Wade Wheatley won second go third high call we placed in both goes fourth call, then Luke Brown fifth. K short go. Jake and clay first out 19 on two had a leg on one went 6 flat. Second i n short go fifth in average about 2600.

Jason Stewart and Dean Tuftin 5 8 won short go fourth in average. Chad Masters got out ran unfair steer. Hauled butt. Jason Handy same thing. 13 smooth. Won 8th. Casey Smith one foot 7th. Waylon McCurly and Joseph were 7 - won second. Luke Brown - who needed to do good went 7, won it.

That leaves the top 4 and only 2 bottom holes. Well we were 5 8 plus 5 steer checked off. Ended up third. Wade's heeler missed. Charley's head loop came off as he turned him. Jade missed the first loop. Ended up 6th. I think that put Luke in. Monty Jo needs more. And big help for Jake and Clay.

I went home for a couple of days and had to get up at 2am to head for the airport. Now we have a 20-hour drive to Albuquerque, NM so I'll get some sleep. Two more full weeks. Time will tell. We have already been going for 2 hours so only 18 more....


Joseph said...
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Joseph said...

matt thanks for this update its nice to hear the inside scoop from your perspective sincerely,one who is glad you are narrating